CLC operatives become Dementia Friends

Following a recent training programme with Housing21, which aims to raise awareness of the effects of dementia, our Warrington, Leeds and Newcastle branches have become Dementia Friends.

Affecting both the old and the young, dementia can cause difficulties for sufferers including memory-loss, thinking and language. Run by the Alzheimer’s Society, the Dementia Friends Initiative has become one of the largest initiatives to change the country’s perceptions on dementia

The training aims to transform the way we speak, think and act about the condition. It also teaches us to turn our understanding into action, whether these actions be big or small.

In partnership with our client, Housing 21, operatives and management staff from our Warrington, Leeds and Newcastle branches have taken this extra step to provide a more forward-thinking and mindful service to our client’s residents. By better understanding the disease and how it affects the minds and lives of sufferers, we will be able to tailor our communication and working methods to better support them.

Well done to our Warrington, Leeds and Newcastle branches on taking this important step in ensuring continuous improvement and innovation. 


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