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From our experience in this sector, we know that safety, efficiency and quality are key to a successful project. For over 37 years, our team of specialist technicians have been carrying out works to overhead towers, substations, railways and highways.

Our technicians carry out works that require the highest levels of safety and technical understanding. To ensure this, we run our own training school which prepares our teams to work to our high safety standards and the unique requirements of each client.

Protective Coatings

We are experts in working at height as well as around high and low voltage power lines. Our specialist transmission team has established long standing relationships with national infrastructure clients providing overhead lines and substation structural steelwork painting.

We use different paint systems depending on the client requirements, from Alkyd and vinyl-based paints, to two pack paint systems and other specialist industrial coatings.

We are committed to achieving high quality finishes and have our own quality control procedures in place. At each stage of work, we set ‘Hold Points’ which ensures no work continues beyond that stage until it has passed a quality control inspection.

As well as working on transmission towers, our teams carried out similar painting work on:

  • Bridges
  • Pipes
  • Telecommunication towers and masts
CLC engineer on Chelsea bridge


We offer a wide range of cleaning solutions to our clients to help maintain their property asset. 

Whether cleaning concrete or steel assets, our teams use specialist methods such as:

  • Fungicidal or chemical washes
  • Blasting
  • Jetting
  • Needle gunning
  • Abrasive tools
CLC engineers on Chelsea bridge

Vegetation Removal

As well as painting power lines and towers, we often need to remove vegetation and overgrown trees to prevent damage and gain access for painting activities.

Our team is able to clear vegetation from high and low voltage overhead lines while maintaining a safe power supply to nearby properties.

Pylon in middle of field

Repair and Maintenance

As part of our service, we repair and replace anti-climb devices, safety signs, step bolts and other equipment that needs maintenance or replacement.

While on site, we offer condition surveys and reports on the property asset.

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