Creating Job Opportunities through Social Value

How our Social Value Manager Terri Walker joined the team after winning the CHIP Award for High Achiever of the Year during CHIP's Annual Fundraising and Awards Dinner.

High Achievements at J Tomlinson:

Terri Walker, who began as a Resident Liaison Officer at J Tomlinson in 2020, quickly stood out for her excellent customer support. Recognised as a rising star, she earned a promotion to Senior Resident Liaison Officer within 18 months and later to Customer Engagement Manager in November 2022. In her managerial role, Terri aimed to set an example and uphold high customer service standards within the growing Resident Liaison team.

In May 2023, Terri was nominated and won the CHIP Award for High Achiever of the Year during CHIP’s Annual Fundraising and Awards Dinner. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter J Tomlinson entered administration, resulting in the loss of jobs for many staff, including Terri.

Discovering Talent at CHIP Roundtable:

Matt Hilton, CLC’s Operations Director North, attended a roundtable event hosted by CHIP in October 2023 that celebrated the successes of the charity’s first year. After reading the CHIC social value annual report and noting CHIP award winners, Matt, aware of J Tomlinson’s situation, reached out to Terri via LinkedIn. CLC had been looking to fill a social value manager role and Terri’s impressive interviews with Matt convinced both parties that it was a good fit.

Terri has now been working at CLC for three months, demonstrating remarkable progress. She has actively contributed to the substantial social impact that CLC achieves through its contracts. The organisation focuses on five key pillars of social value: Education and Skills, Community Engagement, Local Economies, Environmental Sustainability and Health and Well-being. CLC is involved in school outreach programmes, facilitating talks, organising work experience, hosting career fairs and addressing mental health and staff wellbeing initiatives.

Terri Walker said “Their support not only reinstated my professional journey but also allowed me to continue contributing to a cause I am deeply passionate about. I am sincerely thankful to CLC Group and CHIP for allowing my career to thrive again.”

Emma Macaulay, CHIP Social Value Manager, emphasised the importance of networking and recognising achievements in the social value space. She pointed out that without the event, the paths of Terri and CLC might not have crossed, potentially hindering Terri’s ongoing efforts to support local communities.

More about Social Value at CHIP

CHIP was established in 2022 to ensure that social value dividends are delivered as a direct result of CHIC’s asset management and procurement activities. They believe that measuring social value contributions provides definitive evidence for the impact they and their partners are delivering to the communities they work with, having a positive impact on people’s lives.

All new contracts procured through CHIC are required to deliver social value outcomes at a minimum of 1% of their annual turnover. CHIC will monitor and support all contracts, where social value contributions will need to be made clear at the tender stage.

CHIC and CHIP also deliver great social value through other initiatives including employment sponsorship, a community chest fund, a graduate apprenticeship, volunteering and other fundraising and community projects.

More about CHIP can be found at

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