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Equity Housing Group are committed to maintaining high quality properties for their residents as they know that homes are more than just bricks and mortar. We have partnered with Equity Housing for a four-year planned maintenance contract to replace kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors to properties across North England.

For over 25 years’ residents have been able to depend on Equity Housing Group to provide high-quality properties across the north-west, South Yorkshire and Staffordshire. In our partnership with Equity, we work together to maintain their 4,600 properties and help create inspiring places to live in and enjoy. 

2015 - 2019

Duration of the contract

£1.1m per annum

Value of the contract

North of England

Location of the contract


Total donations made to the Equity Foundation last year

The Project

We won a competitive tender process to work with Equity on this planned maintenance programme. The project involves the replacement of windows, doors, kitchens and bathrooms to occupied properties. 

In the last year, we have managed the delivery of 535 planned maintenance upgrades over 390 properties. 

Our Operations Director for the Midlands has led the partnership with Equity Housing. Speaking of the contract he says “…The partnership has been and continues to be extremely successful and a great testament to ‘True Collaborative Working’. The contract requires key planning and organisation with all stake holders to ensure seamless continuity throughout the year. “

Our Approach

We use a team of in-house multi-skilled tradespeople to deliver a personal, friendly service to Equity’s residents. 

As part of the kitchen refurbishments, we had to subcontract gas and heating works to local subcontractors. During our quality checks and speaking with residents, we found that our commitment to delivering a resident-focused service was not being met. We decided to bring these trades in-house, with the employment of local tradespeople who were given training on our customer service and quality standards. In doing so, we are now able to offer our client and their residents a consistent team of friendly tradespeople committed to providing a personal end-to-end service. 

Communication. It’s a simple concept but always a challenge to get right on larger contracts. Lack of communication usually results in residents dissatisfaction – something we all want to avoid. We were determined to make sure that residents were involved in this contract from the start and pride ourselves on great communication techniques we have developed.

We  started with hello. Introducing ourselves and going through the planned works contract with Equity and their residents allowed us to listen to what they wanted. Residents needed as much notice as possible and our client wanted to keep costs down and have visibility of future works. 

Our plan to meet these requests was simple:

  • We would get a list of properties requiring works for the year ahead and carry out surveys in advance.
  • With this information we could batch properties, saving our client money through reduced material deliveries.
  • We would send letters to residents early letting them know what to expect and when to expect it. 

The Results

97% customer satisfaction currently achieved.

Cost savings

At the start of the contract, we looked at the product specification and recommended alternative products that had better warranties- resulting in considerable cost savings. This included kitchen units, tiles and bathroom suites. Using our supply chain meant we could pass on our discounts to Equity, allowing their budget to stretch further.

Greener Environment

By planning the work based on property location, the movement of tradespeople and materials  was more efficient resulting in lower Carbon emissions through shorter journeys.

Community Benefits

We have become the largest partner contributor to the Equity Foundation – a charity with a proven track record of delivering social value. Listed below are just some of the many initiatives we have accomplished within the local communities:

  • Redecoration of community hall in Stockport used by over 1000 people every week. We also helped to fund new furniture for the hall.
  • Completed a 2-day ‘community lift’ project by painting railings and external areas of a housing scheme in partnership with Crown paints.
  • Donated 164 selection boxes to the local foodbank for Christmas.
  • Hit the streets in a 10k fun run to raise money for the Equity Foundation.

Learn more about some of the other community initiatives within our News Section.

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